What Is A Super Toilet?

by Derrick Gordon

A super toilet is not actually one type of toilet but a category of toilets. These are new and modern toilets that combine technology with comfort to upgrade your bathroom. Here are some of the different features you can expect when you decide to buy a super toilet.

Comfort Heights

If you are looking for a toilet that has a taller height for seniors or people with mobility issues, the comfort height super toilets are a great option. They are a few inches taller than regular toilets, which makes them easier to get on and off for seniors, while still being comfortable for people who do not have physical disabilities. You can choose the height you want for the toilet, and many of them are as comfortable as sitting on a chair, so they are also good for bad hips.

Modern Bidet Toilets

If you like the old-fashioned style of a bidet, but want a modern toilet, you can choose a super toilet that has the integrated bidet features. The bidet is a toilet that offers a light and soothing spray to clean and purify before getting up from the toilet. A lot of these modern bidet toilets have a button to push, where you can choose whether or not you want to use the bidet function. They will look like a regular toilet, so they fit in with any type of bathroom design.

Heated Seats

One of the better features of a super toilet is having heated seats. Most toilets are made of porcelain, which is very cold and hard, making for an uncomfortable bathroom visit. If you live somewhere that is very cold in the winter or even early in the morning, this can be a dream come true. Some super toilets have heated seats that always remain a certain temperature, while others also have padding or cushioning to make them comfortable as well as warm. There are also more advanced toilets that not only heat your seats, but have vibrating features or let you listen to music while using it.


While this is not a new concept, the dual flush system is common on all types of super toilets. It is a more energy-efficient toilet that has two separate handles. One handle is for a lighter flush when you just have liquids, while the other handle is for a full flush. If just flushing liquids, you can just do a light flush, which does not use as much water.

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