5 Tips For Improving An Old Wrought Iron Swing

by Derrick Gordon

If you have an old wrought iron swing in your backyard, it is probably one of your favorite things on your property. These swings are built to last and are very durable, but like anything, they can become worn out after years of use. If you have an old swing that you would like to restore, or if you have found a good deal on an old swing and want to purchase it and fix it up, follow these tips. In no time, your old swing will be looking great and will be ready for use.

1. Repair Any Structural Imperfections

Although wrought iron swings are built to last for a long time, over time, it is normal for them to develop structural imperfections. For example, there could be a broken part of the swing, or part of the legs might be worn out or corroded. Luckily, a portable welding professional like Big Blue Portable Welding (1985) Ltd can bring a portable welder out to your home and can fix it for you, which will make it look whole again and will help it remain durable.

2. Get Rid of Rust

Rust can slowly cause corrosion and other issues with your swing, so it's important to get rid of it before it causes any problems. You can remove the rust yourself by using a piece of sandpaper -- or even better, a hand held sanding machine, especially if there is a lot of rust on the swing -- and rubbing it against the rusty parts.

3. Spray it Off

Cleaning your wrought iron swing will help make it look new again and will also provide you with a good surface for painting. You can spray it off with a water hose, but an even better option is to rent a pressure washer. Pressure washing it can get rid of dirt, mildew, grime and even old, chipping paint.

4. Give it a New Paint Job

Applying a coat of black, white or any other color of spray paint to your swing will give it a fresh, new look. Plus, adding paint will help prevent rust, which will help you preserve your swing in the future.

5. Replace the Chains

Lastly, you may want to replace the chains on your swing. If the chains are old and worn out, they could be a safety hazard. Plus, well-worn and rusty chains can give your newly-improved swing a worn look. Luckily, chains are affordable and can be purchased at any hardware store, and it should only take a few minutes for you to replace them.

Whether you already have a wrought iron swing or are thinking about buying a used one, following these steps will help you give it a fresh, new look.