Top 4 Reasons For Removing A Willow Tree

by Derrick Gordon

The willow tree is a majestic deciduous tree found primarily in cooler climates.  There are a multitude of reasons why homeowners might want to remove a willow tree from their property.  This article explores how willow tree removal can become a necessity.

1. The tree has started to die or is dead already

The willow tree has a limited life span.  On the average, it lasts for 20-30 years.  If the tree has reached the end of its life, it's best to remove it lest it become an eyesore on your property.

2. The tree is infected

Willow trees are especially susceptible to fungal diseases and bug infestations.  One way to tell if a disease has taken root is to examine the leaves of the tree.  If you see orange spots on most of the leaves, then a fungal infection has taken root.  If the tree has considerably decayed, it's better to remove it before the infection spreads to other plants and trees.

3. The tree is planted too close to the property

This is the most common reason why many homeowners choose to remove a willow tree.  The tree's massive root system reaches way beyond its canopy.  These are shallow roots that frequently wreck havoc on household plumbing, underlying sewer systems and infiltrate foundations.  It's better to remove the tree than pay tens of thousands of dollars to fix the damage to your home.

4. It's too expensive or time consuming to maintain the tree

The willow tree is an expensive tree to maintain.  It grows up to 30-50 feet tall and it can be hard to trim and cut branches on your own.  Its limbs are highly breakable and can create a fair amount of litter that you constantly have to clean up. 

If left to its own devices, it can become unwieldy on a residential property.  Without regular maintenance, its canopy can keep spreading and start to encroach on neighboring homes and land. 

It's important to enlist professional help to maintain your tree.  Willow tree shaping and pruning can become costly depending on the size of the tree and the state of disrepair.  Many people decide to forego maintenance and just remove the tree to save money.

Because of its large size and massive root system, willow tree removal should only be done by a professional like one from The Arborist tree care.  It's vital to effectively remove all the roots so the tree doesn't start to resprout in the next spring.  A professional will also be able to safely dispose of the tree stump and branches.