How To Use Masonry In Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

by Derrick Gordon

Doesn't it just seem like yesterday that you were getting ready for Christmas and New Year's Eve? It's hard to believe that you are about to experience summer activities and the fun they offer. If part of that fun includes entertaining outdoors, you may be considering an entire outdoor kitchen addition. If you are wanting something that adds drama to your kitchen, consider hiring a mason to include brick, stone and concrete in your designs.

Choosing A Mason - Of course, if you just wanted a simple square or rectangular enclosure for your kitchen equipment, any mason would do. However, if you want something that will be unique, you'll want to be more selective.

  • Excellent brick masons and stone masons aren't just workers. Instead, they are creative artists.
  • When you are going about selecting which masons you will use, consider those who show skill and expertise over masons who offer a cheap hourly rate.
  • Remember that masonry work can be very messy. There will be materials spread all over the place while the masonry work is in progress. Be sure that the clean up is part of the quoted price.

The Flooring - A great selection for the floor of your outdoor entertainment area would be brick or flagstone. Another idea is to use concrete, but to give it a really dramatic look by faux painting it, either doing it yourself or by having a professional artist do the work. If you choose concrete, it can be given the look of Mexican tile, marble, or wooden planks. Or, it can simply be painted the color of your choice. The great part about any of these choices is that they are all affordable and easy to care for. All you'll need to do is spray them down with a garden hose and they'll look great. In fact, flagstone, brick and concrete are so durable that they seem to become prettier as the years go by. Repairs, when needed, are not a complicated matter.

The Kitchen Area - Blending the cooking area with the entertainment area will surely make for memorable events.

  • A great backdrop would be to hire the same mason who did your floors to do a massive brick or stone fireplace. Placing your outdoor furniture in front of the fireplace would be perfect. Imagine roasting marshmallows and hot dogs there year round, and having conversations in front of the fire.
  • When selecting your equipment for the outdoor area, consider having a brick pizza oven built. For a fabulous effect, consider having the entire kitchen built of brick or stone, or a combination of both.
  • Consider asking the mason to also do your seating area. A stone and brick table with matching benches would be a fabulous addition. To add color and comfort, consider seat cushions which can be changed with the passing seasons.

Enjoy entertaining your friends and family members this summer! Contact a company like E D Masonry Ltd if you need more help with masonry work.