8 Pieces Of Equipment That Can Be Rented For Mining

by Derrick Gordon

Expensive heavy equipment is essential in the mining industry. However, most companies do not have to actually purchase their equipment. Instead, they can rent it. Here are several types of mining equipment that may be available for rent:

1. Scalers

Scalers are used to remove loose material from the ceiling, face and sides of a mining tunnel. A driver operates the wheeled piece of equipment and directs a probe-like attachment to take down the loosened debris. 

2. Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts elevate workers so that work that is not at ground level can be reached. They include a wheeled platform that can be raised or lowered as needed.

3. Earth Movers

Earth-moving equipment is used in surface mining. Before miners can reach the substance they are seeking, huge amounts of soil and rocks may have to be moved.  The equipment typically includes toothed bucket-like containers to shovel large amounts of earth and relocate it. 

4. Dragline Excavators

Dragline excavators are used in surface mining. They can be attached to lifting cranes. However, larger, heavier units may need to be built on site. The bucket system of the dragline is designed with a large, open container that is suspended from a long boom.

5. Shuttle Cars

Shuttle cars are used underground. They receive material, transport it to the next destination and release it. They typically have four wheels and are designed to carry large capacities that can weigh tons.  

6. Blasthole Drills

Blasthole drills are used to bore holes for the placement of explosives. Equipment can be selected based on the desired depth and diameter of the hole. In addition, mounted drills can be rented as drill rigs. The models are self-contained and can be further divided by fuel type. Some blasthole drills require electricity. Others use diesel fuel.

7. Haul Trucks

Haul trucks, which are sometimes called dump trucks, may be designed for off-road use. The trucks can have an articulating frame that allows the movable bed of the truck to dump its contents. Some haul trucks are designed for rear end dumping. However, others can release contents sideways from a center dump.

8. Graders

Graders use a long blade to create a flat surface so that heavy mobile equipment and vehicles can move about with ease. 

Mining projects require the use of large pieces of equipment. The heavy tools make it easier to move material safely and efficiently. If you need mining equipment for an excavation project, contact an equipment rental specialist today.