Site Preparations For Your Modular Homes

by Derrick Gordon

Modular homes are a great way to purchase a home since these prefabricated homes allow you to quickly get in a new home. But with these manufactured homes, you are responsible for the site preparation. Follow these preparation instructions so your site is ready when your home is delivered.

Making Your Site Accessible

In order for your home to be delivered on your private property, the site must be accessible. This means that the truck has to be able to navigate your driveway. Overhanging limbs should be cleared, and you should ensure that the driveway is wide enough to accommodate the truck and the modular home.

Have the Site Inspected Before Your Delivery Date

If you have purchased a modular home, it must be set in place by a crane. Ask the crane operator to inspect your home site before delivery, as the crane operator is the one who determines whether your site is safe or not. You will want to have your foundation in place and a level crane pad nearby.

All debris, including rocks, trees and building materials must be away from the construction site. Ensure that the land is properly graded and sloped to ensure proper water runoff. The foundation and ground must be packed down to help protect against shifting when the manufactured home is placed on the foundation.


Many lenders require special foundation requirements. If you are purchasing your prefab home using borrowed money, talk with your lender about their foundation requirements. Additionally, find out the local codes concerning foundations for manufactured homes. Fortunately, these homes can be placed on a concrete slab, crawl space or over a full basement.

Ensure your foundation is the exact measurements the builder gave you. If your home is more than 1/2 inch off the diagonal measurement, or if it is not square, it can cause problems with the electrical, plumbing and siding. Additionally, if the house is not properly leveled, it can cause settling problems, which can result in cracks in the sheetrock, especially along the tops of your doors and windows. 


Once the modular home has been placed on the foundation, the builder will follow the manufacturer's recommendation as well as the local codes when it comes to anchoring and bracing the manufactured home. Once the home is completely set up, the bracing has been installed and the foundation has been waterproofed, an inspector will come out and verify everything. Once all of these steps are completed, the foundation will be backfilled.

Prefab homes are a great way to get a home set up quickly on your land. You will not have to wait months for a builder to build your new home piece by piece. Instead, your fully customizable home will be delivered to your property and set up within a matter of days. So talk with a modular home company, such as Roca Modular Homes, for more information on the benefits of modular homes and what you need to do to prepare for one.