Four Ways to Customize Your Business's Glass Balcony Railings

by Derrick Gordon

If your business has a balcony area, enclosing it with a glass railing is a great idea. The glass railing will ensure your guests' safety, but it won't block the view from the balcony like a solid railing would. For the ultimate character, don't just stop with a plain glass railing. Here are four unique ways to customize your glass railing so it fits in splendidly with your business's decor and mantra.

Have your business's name etched in the glass.

There are a few ways to go about this. You could have your business's name etched in a small font (preferably the same font you use for your general advertisements) on the top of the railing, where visitors place their hands. You could also have it etched in more blurry, vague letters across the vertical part of the railing. The blurry etching on the vertical part of the railing is intriguing, since as guests move further away from it, they will be able to read it more clearly.

Have ribbons of your business's colors worked into the glass.

If your advertisements are always blue and green, for instance, have some thin blue and green streaks placed along the rim of the railing. You could also have a more intricate design, traced from thin lines of these colors, placed on the broader, vertical part of the railing.

Have a quote from one of the business owners or leaders etched into the railing.

Has someone involved with the business said something inspiring lately? Maybe your entire business has a mantra, such as "For a better garden," or "Taking investments to the next level." Have this motto or quote etched into the glass in a place where guests are likely to frequent—maybe in the very center of the railing. If you choose a quote, be sure to give the speaker of that quote credit by inserting a byline under it.

Have an entire brief history of the business etched into one panel.

Maybe your business has a really unique startup story, or you have a unique involvement in the community. If you have the space, etching a brief version of your business's story into one panel of the railing is a neat idea that will help customers learn a bit more about you.

With your business name or colors, a simple quote, or a short story, your glass railings will be more than a protective barrier—they'll be a part of your business's image. Contact a company like Pacific Rim Sundecks Ltd to get started on your designs.