Cabinet Toe-Space – Reclaiming The Wasted Storage Space

by Derrick Gordon

Working with a contractor to make some changes in your kitchen provides you with the ability to do many more things than you would otherwise be able to do. If you don't have nearly enough storage space in your kitchen, your contractor can get creative to provide you with the additional storage that you need. One area that is overlooked in most homes is the area underneath the kitchen cabinets – the toe-space.

The toe-space is usually an empty space under the cabinets that basically just keeps your cabinets up off of the floor. If added up, the square footage of unused space can add up to a substantial amount of room. So, what can you do with the toe-space in your kitchen?

Install a Drawer

Having a drawer installed in that space can provide you with extra storage space for all sorts of things. Instead of having all of your canned foods crammed up in your pantry, you could have them neatly stored in this little drawer. This will take the digging out of your dinner prep and make it easy to see exactly what you have simply by opening the drawer.

Keeping your pots and pans lids organized is another struggle that can be removed by installing one of these drawers. Having a drawer to set the lids in directly under the pots and pans cabinet will make it easier for you to find the lids that fit the pans that you are cooking with.

Dishtowels, potholders, cleaners, spices and so many other of your kitchen items can be stored in these drawers – virtually anything you don't have the space for in other areas of the kitchen.

Hide-A-Way Compartment

Another option for that space is a hide-a-way compartment. This is a place to store your kitchen step-stool, your brooms or any other oversized piece of equipment that you want to get out of your way. This little compartment is an easy addition in most kitchens and can quickly get all of those bulky things out of your way.

This project can even be completed by the average DIYer. You just have to check to be sure that there is no plumbing or wiring run under the cabinet where you want to store things, carefully remove the trim and board enclosing the space and install some hinges and a handle.

Talk with your contractor about utilizing the space under your cabinets, over your cabinets and beside your cabinets for extra storage space. He or she will be able to help you find the hidden space in your kitchen so that you can make use of it.

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