Four Deck Design Options To Choose From For New Decks For Your Home

by Derrick Gordon

If you want to have more useable outdoor living space, adding decks to your home is a great solution. There are many different styles of decks to choose from. These can be low decks for a single-story home, designs with multiple levels and raised decks that span over elevations. If you are ready to add outdoor space to your home, here are some of the deck designs that you may want to consider for your home:

1. Creating Unique Spaces With Multiple-Level Decks

If you want to have a unique space for your decks, a multiple level design can give you different spaces. This can be good to create areas for seating, backyard cooking and other features. The different levels can also be combined with other features, like a covered or screened in deck area.

2. Low Decks For Patio Areas Of Single-Story Homes

Single-story homes can also benefit from a deck. If you have a low patio area that is soggy when it rains, a patio deck can bring it up out of the rain. This can help connect your home with the outdoor living space. For decks that are only a few feet, you do not even have to have railings and stairs can go directly down to garden areas.

3. Raised Decks To Create Space Over Difficult Terrain

There may also be times when terrain makes it difficult to create outdoor landscaping designs. Using raised decks, you can create outdoor living space over hills and obstacles. A raised deck can be a great solution to have outdoor space over steep elevations in a backyard. Raised decks can also be a great way to separate living space from the outdoors.

4. Covered Decks And Garden Spaces With Deck Areas

Decks can also be a good solution for your landscaping design. The decks on your home can go to paths and other features of your garden. This can be a good solution to create and outdoor entertainment area in your garden. You can also include other features with your decks, such as arbors and covered areas. You can even create bridges over water features like streams for a unique custom design.

These are some deck designs that you may want to consider for your home. If you are ready to build new decks for your home, contact a deck contractor and talk with them about the designs that you are considering.