Recommendations For Safe And Effective Snow And Ice Removal For Your Property

by Derrick Gordon

When you live in a northern climate, snow and ice are inevitable in the wintertime most years and will cover your yard, driveway, and walkways. As you handle the snow removal and ice growth during the winter, it is a good idea to keep in mind the health of your landscaping plants. Here are some recommendations to keep your property free of snow and ice on your pavements while protecting your landscaping plants and vegetation from snow removal damage.

Manage Your Snow Throwing

After a snow storm you will need to remove the snow from your pavements so you can retain traction in your vehicles and when you are on foot. And to do this it is important to remove the snow with a shovel or a snow thrower, but also be careful where you pile the snow removal. Try not to place it all on one area of your yard's vegetation,, but spread it out evenly over your lawn and other areas. This can be easily accomplished if you are using a snow thrower, which you can use to direct the snow collection over your landscape bedding areas and onto the middle of your yard.

Apply a Deicer

Ice formation is going to occur on your pavement after you have shoveled snow and the remnants on the pavement melt in the sun and freeze as the temperature falls at night. To prevent frozen surfaces on your driveway and walkways, apply a deicer that is safe for your concrete. 

There are several types of deicer chemicals to use, such as those made of calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. As another alternative you can liberally sprinkle cat litter onto the pavement to help boost traction, but this will not promote the ice to melt. 

Be careful that you don't toss any deicer onto your landscaping plants or lawn, as this can cause damage to the plants when spring arrives. The chemicals in the deicer can dehydrate your plants and cause them to brown and die.

Hire a Professional Snow Removal Service

A professional snow removal service is a good option, especially when you are not able to or don't have time to remove snow. If you let snowfall build up, it can freeze to the pavement and compacted into a thick layer of ice that you will need a pickax to remove or wait until the spring thaw. Your professional snow removal service will be able to push snow off your driveway and also handle smaller areas with a snow shovel. Then, a professional deicer treatment will keep the ice away.