Answers About Garbage Bin Rentals

by Derrick Gordon

There may be any number of reasons why you are thinking about renting a garbage bin. No matter what those reasons may be, you probably have questions about the process and other things relating to the rental of a bin. Here is some information that may answer many of the questions you have.

How do you go about renting a garbage bin?

The first thing you need to do is to look on the company's site or give them a call to determine the size of the bin you need because there are many sizes to choose from. Then, you want to make arrangements for the rental and give them the address to the location where the bin will be placed. While the driver will ultimately decide exactly where the bin goes to make sure it is left in a safe place where it won't cause damage, you want to let them know your preferences. For example, tell them if you would like it to be close to the garage, on the far back side of the parking lot, etc. Then, the bin will be dropped off as agreed upon, and you will fill it. 

How long can you keep the garbage bin?

You can keep the garbage bin for the length of time you specified when you rented it. If you find you need more time with it, then call the company as soon as you know you need it longer, and they can likely extend the rental. If you rent a garbage bin on an ongoing basis, then you will keep it as long as you decide to keep the services. 

When will the garbage bin be emptied?

If you have decided to rent the garbage bin on an ongoing basis, then it will more than likely be emptied weekly, as the garbage truck makes its regular route. If you rented it for a short period of time, then it will be emptied when they come to get it, as well as any other time when you call to request it to be emptied. 

Will the garbage bin damage the surface it's placed on?

The driver will set the bin in a location where it won't pose a risk to anything near it and where it will be on level ground. They will also take care to not cause any damage to the surface where they put it.