• Protect Your Home From Ice Damming With These Helpful Tips

    Winter doesn't just bring along harshly cold temperatures, but it also brings along snow and ice. For many people, seeing their home covered in a thick layer of snow is a beautiful sight to see.  However, when this snow leads to ice damming, the situation can quickly turn. Ice dams are ridges of thick solid ice that can form along the eaves of your roof and is the result of snow melting and refreezing atop your roof.

  • Top Reasons To Rent Scaffolding For Your Next Outdoor Project

    If you need to install siding, paint the house, or do some other type of work that requires you to reach new heights, you might want to consider renting a scaffolding unit. Sure, you might have a trusty ladder at home, but you should take a moment to review the following reasons to pay for the renting of a scaffold instead: Added Safety While there is also a danger when you are working at extreme heights, using a scaffold instead of a ladder will give you some added safety.

  • When Nature Gets In The Way: How Trees And Rocks Affect Your Driveway Paving

    Despite your best efforts to remove large rocks and trees from around your driveway, they can still find a way back. They can cause a lot of damage to your driveway paving, requiring you to hire a contractor to do the work all over again. There are some preventive measures and some treatment measures you can take to keep your driveway smooth. Tree Growth and Roots Canadian trees grow like the wilderness around them.

  • Making Your Home More Energy Savvy

    Cutting down on energy costs not only keeps your bank balance in check, but it also helps the environment. Reducing the amount of emissions you release into the air through heating and cooling your home helps conserve natural resources and reduce pollution. It's important to utilize ways to help keep your home energy usage in check. Here are just a few ways to make your home more energy savvy. Explore Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

  • 5 Tips For Improving An Old Wrought Iron Swing

    If you have an old wrought iron swing in your backyard, it is probably one of your favorite things on your property. These swings are built to last and are very durable, but like anything, they can become worn out after years of use. If you have an old swing that you would like to restore, or if you have found a good deal on an old swing and want to purchase it and fix it up, follow these tips.