Plumbing Problems That Should Be Left To Pros

by Derrick Gordon

Do you know what plumbing problems to watch out for in your home? If not, it's time to learn. There are many common problems that homeowners often overlook, leading to severe damages if left unchecked. Here are a few plumbing problems that you should have professional plumbing services handle. 

Frozen Pipes

They can cause severe damage to your home. When the water in a pipe freezes, it expands and will often burst within the pipe. If this happens, you'll have standing water in your home that may be contaminated with dirt or grime.

Frozen drains are also likely to burst when they thaw. This can cause serious flooding in your home. If you have a known frozen pipe, it should be left to the professional plumbing services for handling. The plumber will usually open the drain and place a heating cable or thawing equipment to get the pipe flowing again. 

A Clogged Toilet

This plumbing issue can happen in a variety of ways. It could result from someone flushing something that doesn't belong. It could also be because you have too much toilet paper in your bowl.

Whatever the reason for this plumbing problem is, it's best to call in professional help as soon as possible before things get worse. Professional plumbing services will come to your home, handle the clogged toilet, and clear the drain that won't go down.

Burst Pipes

This is a dangerous plumbing problem if not addressed in time. It might sound like an easy fix, but it's quite hazardous and should be left to professionals. When the water pressure drops significantly or stop altogether, this means that there's a leak somewhere inside your pipes. Bursting pipes cause flooding and sometimes damage to your property.

A professional plumber can handle the burst pipe by shutting off the water and setting up a fan to dry out wet areas. This prevents mold from growing. They'll also remove all the standing water and replace or repair pipes as needed.

Leaking Faucets

They're annoying and costly. The smallest leak in your bathroom or kitchen sink can use up more water than you would think. Leakages also cause damage to the pipes beneath them. It's best to have these plumbing problems addressed as soon as possible by professional plumbing services to prevent any potential damages.

Sewer Problems, Including Clogs and Backups

A clogged or backed-up toilet is one of the plumbing problems that should be left to professionals to handle. Sewer problems are also another type of plumbing problem to watch out for, and it's best not to try fixing them yourself.

If your sink drains slower than normal, this often means there's a blockage in your sewer line. Professional plumbing services will come to your home and fix the problem. They'll determine the source of the backup and clean it out. They'll also give you tips on preventing this problem from happening again in the future so that your plumbing is working. 

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