4 Custom Residential Architecture Styles For Your Farmhouse

by Derrick Gordon

A farmhouse is a type of residential architecture initially built for agricultural purposes. If you want to own a farmhouse, think about its style. Discover four custom residential architecture styles you can use for your farmhouse.

1. Cottage

Cottages are popular choices for those looking for a rustic option. Farmers and ranchers who must live close to their livestock often use this architectural style. Cottages are great if you don't have a big farmhouse budget and are looking for a simple and low-maintenance architectural farmhouse style.

The cottage style features residential architectural elements such as wooden shingles, stucco walls, and log decks. Custom designs allow cottages to fit into the landscape by blending in with it instead of overpowering it with large structures. This makes cottages perfect for use on farms or ranches where residential space is limited, and the focus shifts to crops and livestock rearing.

Lastly, you can use customized colors and designs for your cottage to make your farmhouse stand out.

2. Victorian

The Victorian style is a popular choice for many homeowners. This custom residential architecture blends with the surrounding environment. Its elegant formality makes it an excellent choice for farmhouses.

The Victorian style entails ornate detailing, heavy molding, and large windows. The houses also have high ceilings, large windows, and wide eaves. In addition, most have asymmetrical features such as gables, porches, and bay windows.

3. Cape Cod

The Cape Cod style is a classic American ranch house with a Cape Cod-style front porch. It features a steeply pitched gable roof, a wrap-around front porch, and large windows. These features allow for more headroom above the second floor level than other styles of houses.

The wrap-around porch serves as an entrance to your farmhouse. It also provides outdoor living space for you to enjoy in good weather conditions. This custom residential architecture entails one or two stories. The houses have modest but well-kept front yards bordered by white picket fences.

4. Transitional Style

Transitional homes feature traditional and contemporary styles — often rustic features and more modern amenities. This style can create a more traditional look while offering modern conveniences like central air conditioning and other amenities.

The transitional style entails a mix of styles that makes it easy for you to change the look of their farmhouse according to your taste. The style features clean lines, natural wood finishes, wallpapers, and other decorating details common in modern homes.


The impression of your farmhouse dramatically depends on its architectural style. The custom residential architectural styles above may suit your needs based on climate, culture, and preferences. 

For more information, contact a local custom residential architecture company.